Casa Cascada Azul

Year: 2018     Location: Farallas, Platanillo de Barú     Size: 130 m2 / 1400 ft2
Project Description:

Highly customized project with special and fine finishes according to the client instructions and taste, for example, the floor was made with river rock brought from the Caribbean side of the country, the stones were sliced with a stone cutter, from this same rock a special cut was made to get the bathroom's sinks . The forge was made of seashells. All the wood of the roof has a special satin polyurethane finish. For the second floor Corteza wood was used for its durability, resistance and beauty. The stands were constructed with pressed Teka finger joins, and tempered glass for the railing. The bathroom walls was covered of natural small stones, which gives a distinctive beauty. The white-wash technique was used for the finishing of the kitchen's wood furnitures, it's a rustic treatment widely used in the United States, those furnitures were covered with envelopes made of natural quartz. The design gave by the client at the scheduled time was successfully built.

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